April 30, 2010


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I promised there was knitting!

Fellow knitting friend, Elin Berglund, designed this cute and lacy mini-cardigan. Her first design, and I got a chance to do a test knit!

So here’s Cecilia:


  • Pattern: Cecilia by Elin Berglund
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Impressionist Sky
  • Needles: Size 3mm, 2.5mm Addi Lace Circs 32″, Size 1 & 2 DPNs
  • Changes: As noted below.

The cardigan is worked top down, and the lace is a simple 4-row pattern. Measurement wise, my bust is 33-34″, but I chose to do the pattern 26″ size for the negative ease. I probably would have been fine with the 30″, but I considered the 26″ as “petite sizing” for my needs. It fits really well in the body. The sleeves are little snug, if I had the extra yardage, I’d have increased more stitches for the sleeves for a little more room.

I did this pattern in a week! Granted, there were lots of late nights, but it goes quickly and is really satisfying to watch it grow, it was hard to stop! I learned the tubular bind-off, which is super stretchy, neat, and worth the effort. Trust.

My only changes, partly because I was working with only one skein of Malabrigo sock, are:

Sleeves were worked shorter — 30 lace rows, 20 rib rows
Body ribbing — 30 total rows of ribbing
Added 3 buttons (which by the way are really cool shell buttons that looks water-marked)
Oh and if you end up working a 26″ size, here are my numbers for the neck and side ribbing (note, I did do less body ribbing): 22 stitches up the bottom rib, 81 stitches (starting at lace) and up to shoulder, 31 for the neck. Total picked up stitches: 237 stitches

I currently have another one on the needles, and I know friends that plan to do 1, 2, or even 3 more! Elin’s lovely Cecilia will be available for purchase in May, be sure to look for it here!

March 11, 2010

Spring is Peeking

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Last I wrote, we were inundated with a ridiculous blizzard or two (hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago). Now, it’s warming outside and the snow is 97% melted in the area. Though I didn’t mind the snow when it was here – I find myself itching for flowers, warmth, sunshine and Spring in general now.

Now I have Katrina & The Waves’ “I’m Walking on Sunshine” song in my head.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been taking a sewing class. The first project is a tote bag, and I completed mine last night. At first, I just grabbed the most eye-pleasing fabric I could find in the discount pile, but the daisies have really grown on me. Is it Spring yet?

There are so many bells and whistles I’d like to have included in this bag. Since I’m in a class and we have to move on to the next project, I’ll have to save added features for the next one. I’m thinking inner/outer pockets, some kind of closure, and reinforced bottom, but otherwise, it’s really a fantastic sized tote!

I’m happy to say that my top-stitching has greatly improved, and I’m in the mind set that sewing is…really, really, fun!!

There’s been knitting. I haven’t left behind knitting. ;)

Speaking of warming weather, my daffodils want it to be Spring too:

February 15, 2010


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No doubt, you have heard of the unprecedented double-blizzard that attacked our metropolitan area. The story goes that we edged out the record snowfall of 54.4″ in 1889 with our 54.9″.

I don’t know about 54.9″, but we did get a hell of a lot of snow. It’s been an interesting week.

The snow accumulation from both blizzards is higher than my front porch.

First off, as a collective, the imagination is abound with nicknames for our “storm of the century:”





Snowtorious B.I.G.


Second, the cabin fever was pretty high in the area. However, I do not get cabin fever. I embrace the rare opportunity to not be expected to do anything because I am snowed in. In fact, I had not left the house in seven days. That’s right, seven days.

We had a routine of the kids play outside; return inside for food, rest, tv, video games, etc.; bickering ensues, kick them back outside for more snow play. Really, it worked out so well. At one point they did give me that glazed look, which I preempted a major meltdown with making play dough. All is well.

Meanwhile, I slept in (always a major bonus) and crafted. Oh! How I crafted! Which leads me to finally introducing you to Bernie. I know it’s not really original, but I said it, it stuck, and so it is – Bernie.

Bernie is my, new from Christmas, Bernina Activa 240 sewing machine. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, and now is the time. My sewing lessons actually start this Wednesday, but I was itching to start so I bought some fabric, watched some youtube videos, borrowed a sewing book, and took the snow-vantage to try something.

I made these:


I got the pattern instructions from Amy Butler’s “In Stitches” book. I didn’t quite follow the exact dimensions, and had a nice little lesson in seam allowance. So my placemat’s are roughly 11 x 17″, funny when I was shooting for 13 x 18″.  I chose placemats, with the reasoning that if I mess up they will still be functional (they are), I can try different techniques (I did), and how hard could placemats be, right?

So the first one took me 3hrs and 45min to make. Commence laughing. Go ahead, but Bernie and I got to know each other well in those three hours; my budding relationship with “Soze the Seam Ripper” grew as well.

I tried my hand at applique with that little triangle on the front. The triangle is placed on the left there, so the kids will know which side the fork goes on. I thought it was a good idea, but I’m not running to any applique projects in the near future (read: hard!). The remaining five placemats went much faster than the first. I learned a lot, and do pat myself on the back for my first foray into sewing.

Also, I craved more sewing after the last mat was done, so I made Lil’ Miss this little bag. Pattern again, found in the same book, but instead of leather handles, I made my own drawstring and smaller bag for child size.

My craftiness did not stop there. In the same week, I did up a “Thomas Jefferson” wig for Lil’ Man’s biography report and knit up a fabulously simple cardigan. Details for another post!

So many wonderful things done during my snowbound week; and after a four day reprieve, as I type, it is snowing again. Right. Now.

February 7, 2010

Oh blog!

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To blog or not to blog.

Oh blog! How you make me feel guilty with your last entry having been posted months ago.

I really debated abandoning the whole thing all together, but I enjoy sharing my fails, wins, and general stash hoarding with everyone. Economically, it didn’t make sense to maintain the blog through a hosting service even if it is only $10/month. If I included the pro account on flickr, the domain name renewal, and then the hosting service; that adds up to $168 a year, just so I can prattle on about my small life.

However, since I do enjoy a good “rantin’ and ravin’,” part of the absence is because I’ve been painstakingly “moving” my blog back to [the free] wordpress.com. There is this handy “import” tool and import my blog entries it did! My photos, it did not. So I’ve spent the last couple of months going through a year and a half of photos and fixing links. Little by little at first, but really sped things up in the last few days to get to the new stuff all ready! If you follow my flickr, that is the reason why I have old pictures in my current feed.

I’m not sure why I went the “host service” route in the first place. I think I wanted that autonomy that comes with your own domain name, and independent play with your own custom templates. Oooo…custom templates. So as original as I’d like to be, free is a good thing in these rough times.

Some have asked, “Why not just leave the blog and start anew?” Eh, I really like seeing how I’ve come along with my skills, and reading my misadventures all over again. Once I tell the hosting service to cancel my account, all that will disappear, like it never existed; and the last two years of my knitting life did happen and needs to be somewhere.

You’ll notice that your link to http://www.stashnstitch.com still works, but the address bar does change to stashnstitch.wordpress.com, this is okay. Keep your bookmark, or change it; I do plan on maintaining the domain name, so either will work.

I haven’t been entirely inactive from the internets. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’ve become quite the micro-blogger (read: won’t shut up). It’s just so simple since I can just tweet from my phone! If you’d like, feel free to request to follow me. My account is only “private” to block out the spammers.

Anyway, I have lots to share with everyone! New things have come under way. Wait ’til you see!! ;)

November 6, 2009

I am Perendale

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Saw this on Twisted Knitter‘s blog. Janet, we’re in the same fold!

According to my results:

Longwool knows that taking it easy isn’t just a good idea – it’s a great one. With an open-mind and dependable attitude, Perendales always make the best of any situation. Flexible and adaptable, they are great negotiators and compromisers, as well.

Which Ewe are You?

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